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In this category you can find everything for a small garden pond and a larger pond.
We have available all kinds of foods for ornamental fish bred in garden ponds. These are foods in the form of sticks floating, granules, pellets and flakes as well as sinking pellets. These foods of high quality with a high content of protein, vitamins, trace elements that enhance the color of fish. They are available in cans, buckets, bags, sachets and considered....

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This category was divided into food for pond fish such as ornamental Koi carp, goldfish, Crucian, and the fish that feed near the bottom such as sturgeon, carp.
The assortment store, you will also find special formulations to help maintain order, health, and fish pond.
Preparations are universal are designed to combat algae in the pond, they help maintain proper pH of the water, ensure the safe and orderly development of the fish, protect them against diseases. It is worth mentioning that preparations also contain minerals that beneficially affect the plants in the pond. So you retain the right color, they are well nourished.
In this category you can also find high-quality pumps which are used to purify and oxygenate the water in the pond, fountains, cascades, garden ponds, pools. These pumps are easy to use, very efficient.
The range can also find external filter sets as well as internal.
It is worth mentioning also the freezing pond in the winter and proper lighting so that your garden to enjoy the eye by day and night.

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