Fish Food

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Category shop, where you will find food for fish and shellfish in the original cans (tub), sachets, buckets and bags.
Canned foods are available in different forms such as flakes, mini granules, granules of different sizes, chips of sinking and floating chips, tablets, adhesive and sinking fish feed in the bottom of the tank and the water column....

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For ease of finding food also we introduced the division of food for the fish because of the type or species of fish, due to individual fish diet and special dietary requirements.
In a very simple way to find suitably selected for nourishment:
- Food for all fish (food for all aquarium fish in general)
- Food for small fish (food intended for juveniles and for the small size of the fish to 3 cm)
- Food for bottom fish (food, sinking has been developed for fish
- Food for omnivorous fish (fish food accepting all foods)
- Food for carnivorous fish (food for fish-eating products containing meat)
- Food for herbivorous fish (food for fish-eating vegetarian and vegetable foods only)
- Foods for small and young fish (food designed for small-sized fish and young fish of large size)
- Foods color enhancing (wholesome foods with the addition of astaxanthin to improve the coloration of fish)
- Foods for pregnant cats fish (especially recommended for expectant young fish, spawning)
- Foods for discus (recommended foods for discus fish of the family)
- Food for Malawi cichlids (recommended foods for Malawi cichlids of mbuna group)
- Food for catfish (recommended products for freshwater catfish)
- Foods for corydoras (recommended foods for Corydoras and fish feed in the central zone of the aquarium)
- Food for guppies (designed for guppies)
- Food for fighters (recommended foods for fighter)
- Foods for veils and koi (especially recommended for veil and goldfish and koi bred in aquariums)
- Food for molluscs and crustaceans (foods intended for crustaceans and molluscs in aquariums)
- Foods for flower horn (recommended food for flower horn and for other cichlids)

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