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Category shop, where you will find the aquarium filters designed for freshwater aquarium tanks. For better search equipment category divided on the internal filters, external filters and filter cascade (overflow). Thanks to this division, you simply find interesting hardware...

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Internal filters are the most commonly used filters in the aquarium. Their simple construction and reliability make it ideal for small tanks with a limited number of fish. This filter is mounted inside the aquarium. Each filter should be selected to match the size of the tank so that it can meet the needs of the inhabitants of the tank - clean water as soon as possible.
External filters are filtering devices aquarium water, but unlike those placed inside the aquarium, they are placed outside the tank (usually under the aquarium in the cabinet). External filter is connected to the tank by means of appropriately chosen tubes, one of which is used to suck water, and the second gives water as soon as filtered and free from most of the impurities.
External filters is more complicated devices. The water flows through several layers of different kinds of filter media (mechanical, biological and chemical) for at aquarium water back to the tank as a crystal clear. Devices also are generally more expensive and are intended for larger tanks (over 100 liters).
Cascading filters (or also called hung on).
The name is associated with the construction of the filter and the way in which water returns to the tank - like cascade or a small waterfall.
These filters are devices mounted on the glass of the tank from its outer side. The whole structure is located outside the aquarium and it is soaked in water. These filters have also simple construction, operation is reduced to replace the sponge filter or filter media tailored to your needs. A huge plus such use is very high filter efficiency and also the possibility of using it as a filter for saltwater aquariums.

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